Why Blog?

My mission with this blog is to share cool tales about my life in Ukraine during early childhood (1982-1991), my childhood, teenage years, and early adulthood in Los Angeles, California (1991-2008), my mid to late 20s in New York City, New York (2008-2013), back in Ukraine (2013-2017), and now in Poland. I will document, reflect, and revise these memoirs as I share them with my readers with the idea of one day publishing the complete collection. I will also share events of my present life: personal development growth regarding motherhood/health and fitness/hobbies/hair & beauty tips from a professional stand-point.

Having traveled to many different countries, I made friends from all over the world and created endless memories. During some tough moments I battled depression, self-doubt and many other personal issues within. At times working on these issues with very little hope  and overcoming them what felt like one hour at a time… (I would be lying if I say that I never experience hints of those feelings once in a while, but today I have the tools to immediately shut them down). One of my biggest accomplishments is making a transition from an animal based to a vegetarian, almost vegan diet (with a goal of eventually becoming a raw vegan) gradually over the last 15 years. This is when my life began to make a serious shift in a more meaningful direction. This was a transition from a sedentary, toxic situation to a more active lifestyle based around clean and conscious living. Combined with the help of fitness training I got into a better shape and now physically feel stronger and better than I did in my 20s. Over the years I have also discovered the beauty of detaching from negativity, materialism and all the heaviness physical objects impose on us humans. I let go of the idea of constantly trying to gather and consume – to stop living in some imaginary rat race, in constant competition with my surroundings (essentially with myself) like a hamster on a wheel, and to appreciate simplicity. One can say that I have awakened and started to see the world and overall existence with an open set of eyes and a sober mind. The universe began working with me once I cleared the clutter and confusion. Ironically, I now have more than I could ever ask for when I was actually trying…

Life is not constant. Change occurs every single second. Today my ideas may differ from those I had last week and will definitely differ from those I will have next week. Sometimes I feel like a walking contradiction and I laugh at myself, remembering that life is cool like that-very flexible and forgiving…The main thing is to keep moving and accepting change as it comes at you…and of course enjoying every moment!

I have always been an open book, to those who care to know and ask. I have no secrets, nor shame. I am actually happy to share my stories with others as I gradually document and reflect. If my story resonates with people, or even one person at least, then I have succeeded at life that much more.

Hope you enjoy!